Guidelines & FAQs

We take your pet's safety and comfort seriously. We also value your time, and strive to make your experience with Premiere Dog Services as convenient as possible.

Premiere Dog Services is a bonded and insured company.

Our policies:

Prior to our initial meeting (“meet and greet”) we will email a set of forms that need to be completed. The forms will be in both pdf and Word. Feel free to call or email should you have any questions about the forms.

  1. There is NO cancellation fee if the Federal government or any applicable local government closes due to inclement weather conditions or emergencies.
  2. There is a bundled discount for multiple services. Please ask for special rates/prices.
  3. For pet-sitting services, there is a required MINIMUM of one (1) visit for cats and a two (2) for dogs per day.
  4. Overnight visits include a walk upon arrival, bedtime/last walk and a morning walk. Please note that an additional mid-day walk is at the prevailing rate. Feeding, medications, water bringing in mail/trashcans and any special requests are also included.
  5. We appreciate referrals from our clients. For every referral that becomes a client – you can have ANY one (1) service FREE!
  6. Invoices are sent at the end of each month.
  7. Please call or email for an appointment or to change an existing appointment.
  8. Same-day cancellations will be billed at a full service rate.
  9. No pets will be taken to off leash parks. Dogs are not walked in “packs” unless they reside in the same household.
  10. Holiday scheduling for services requires a small deposit fee that must be paid in advance. This is refundable for a cancellation within ten (10) days. There is a $5.00 per service holiday surcharge per visit.
  11. Please remember to let us know when you have given a flea/tick treatment to your pet(s).
  12. At the end of any service, and following all visits, we will leave a detailed note for your information and records.
  13. We strive to appreciate and be sensitive to cultural etiquette and special needs; please advise any that may apply.